Selborne Jubilee 2022

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Published: 2020/08/26 10:39:47 AM

1. Notice of the historic 150th Selborne Jubilee in 2022

Selborne Jubilee 2022

Notice to all Stakeholders of the Selborne Schools

August 2020

The Headmasters of Selborne College and Selborne Primary have pleasure in giving Notice of the historic 150th Selborne Jubilee festivities to be celebrated in 2022. One and a half centuries of outstanding service – what an achievement!

The Selborne Jubilee 2022 Planning Committee

This Committee has had meetings since last year to plan the 150th Jubilee Celebrations of the Selborne schools. There is huge enthusiasm and commitment to celebrate this major milestone to mark the foundation of the Selborne schools in 1872. The committee consists of chairman, Gwyn Bassingthwaighte, representatives of both schools, OSA, Foundation, staff members, Governing Body, both Headmasters and their predecessors, and a member of the 1972 Selborne Centenary Committee. A prestigious launch was planned for May 2020 to share the plans and logo in preparation for this huge moment. However, like all organizations throughout the world, we have been forced to have a virtual launch. The logo above has been adopted as the branding symbol for all letterheads and Jubilee clothing. We hope you like it.

The 150TH Selborne Bell Tower

The Architectural concept of the Bell tower in the centre with the twelve historic plaques on the walkways on each side, situated on the campus

between the hall and the sport fields.

The Selborne 150 Legacy Monument will be at the heart of the Selborne campus linking iconic dimensions of the balanced school curriculum. It will celebrate our heritage, give meaning to our educational journey, inspire optimism for the future, and allow for personal commitment. It will also be a place to relax. The symbolism of the Bell tower will be able to be used to conclude School Induction and Valedictory Ceremonies with the ringing of the Bell.

Visitors will be able to relax on the benches. The twelve Plaques will illustrate the Selborne story in four stages:

  1. Founded in Faith by Pastor Muller in Panmure in 1872, Growth of the East Bank, and College Street scholarship, in North End;
  2. Separation into single gender schools – girls 1903, primary boys 1923, Prosperity after 2nd World War, Stature through being named after Lord Selborne in 1907;
  3. Final home in Lukin Road, Hope in difficult times, and sacrifice commemorated by the War Memorial;
  4. Custodianship, Democracy, and Tribute with the ringing of the Bell.

The Selborne Jubilee 2022 Programme

The focus of the celebrations will be on the activities involving the boys. The Primary has legendary swimmers; the College 1st teams

match the best, among the many other activities.

The Programme heads have planned exciting, comprehensive programmes, but will welcome contributions and support:

  1. Sport, including sport festivals led by Max Norman;
  2. Culture, including Art Exhibitions and the unique Selborne poem, led by Winston Paxton;
  3. Academic, including a series of lectures;
  4. Infrastructure, including the building of a Bell Tower;
  5. OSA, including contacting Old Boys by Alan Parsons;
  6. Foundation Trust, including gathering of donors by Andy Reeves;
  7. Primary, including a Rugby and a Water Polo Festival.

Our generation has the privilege of being the custodians of this famous school during a great stage in its history – its 150th Jubilee celebration. We are committed to do justice to this milestone.

We look forward to your support so that every Selbornian will be able to walk even taller with pride as a result of the standing the schools achieve.

Yours sincerely


Andrew Dewar                                                                     Riaan Bisschoff

Headmaster                                                                         Headmaster

Selborne College                                                                 Selborne Primary

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