Frequently Asked Questions

What is

It is an online facility for a school, past pupil association or alumni network to manage their contact registers, events, reunions etc.

I cant find my old scholar association?

Chances are likely that your old scholar association or organisation has not yet subscribed to! Browse the full list here. To get them on, send the link to this page to someone from your old scholar association and encourage them to sign up.

I am from an association, what are my next steps?

If you are from an old scholar association and would like more details, you can contact the team here or sign up here

How much will this cost my association?

There are two options, Free and Standard.
Feature Free account Standard account
Scholar Registration Up to 15 000 Unlimited
Scholar Contact Details
Scholar Professions
Contact Us
Reunion management
Teacher Listings
Community Notices
Wall of Honour

Standard Account

Costs are simple, calculated daily and invoiced in arrears the following month
Your monthly cost is calculated by adding: So for example if you have 500 scholars on your register your monthly cost will be approximately:
R150 + R50 (10c * 500 scholars) = R200

This way you never pay for more than you need, simple!

What about privacy, are my contact details safe?

Yes, perfectly safe, your contact details are never shared, sold or made available to the public. See the privacy policy for more details.

So where are my details being stored then?

In a world class highly secure data centre, and backed up every day

But I already have my contacts list in Excel or Access?

No problem, we can help you get it imported into, no need to spend the entire weekend manually typing data in

What are the numbers for next weeks lotto?

Sorry, cant help you there... good luck though